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Remain a member of NAAIA Florida and continue to help us represent the insurance industry.  Among the many benefits of belonging to the association are the following:


o   Networking opportunities with professionals in the insurance industry

o   Continuing education offered at national and local conferences

o   Career development

o   Access to insurance industry-leading experts in all sectors of the insurance marketplace

o   Involvement in community initiatives sponsored by your local chapter

o   Exposure to local and national insurance industry executives

o   Accurate data and information regarding issues at the forefront of the insurance industry

o   Mentorship opportunities


Our members are the strength of our chapter, and we value the diverse skills, talents, and resources they bring. Membership in NAAIA Florida is open to anyone who supports its mission and costs $150.00 per year. To remain a member of the Florida Chapter, fill out the “Membership Renewal Application” below.

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